kay-ceee-uh: Lucky! So what have you been up to? Yeah we had a welcome week but I'm living off campus and didn't really feel like going haha

Yea it’s pretty nice 😋 but I’ve just been chillin with the friends that are still around, hanging out with my family and going to the beach a lot haha but you should’ve gone ya goofball! Welcome week is supposed to be sooo fun!

kay-ceee-uh: Hey so first week of college was pretty good for me, how about you? Or no wait cali schools didn't even start yet right?

Oh hey!! Nice to hear from you again :) but I haven’t started yet unfortunately. Cal poly’s on the quarter system so we start super late. It’s kinda cool but I’m feeling super impatient for school to start haha. do you guys have a welcome week or do you just start?